Recently I participated with my artwork at the following events

 On October 15th 2022 I open my first solo-show at Freilichtmuseum Massing

showing the results of my "Mission Graffl" –

offering the absolut perfect setting for my work.

 In July 2022 the catalogue documenting Lee Mingwei's exhibition 

"Li, Gifts and Rituals" happening during summer 2021 in Museum Villa Stuck, Munich got published.

With my neo-archeological savings I contributed to the project "The Living Room".

 In July 2022 I welcomed the opportunity, 

to express myself through the completely unfamiliar medium of action painting:

During the seminar "The Colors of your Life"

of Camilla Korte at Eresos/Lesbos/Griechenland

 In June 2022 I received a  grant from the Government of Upper Bavaria

to put my project "Mission Graffl" into action.

All details You will find on this website under menu item "Mission G"

 Im February and March 2022 I was invited as the first Artist in Residence

at the Creative-Community The ZEN House in Tulum, Mexiko .

 In January  2022 I had my first image- and information-folder printed:

An important statement as well as an important  tool,

for further professionalizing my work.

 In September 2021 I applied for the Luxembourg Art Prize 2021.

I did not win one of the three highly endowed main prizes,

but received this certificate of appreciation ...

.... whatever it may be good for.

In August 2021 I was invited to furnish Lee Mingwei's project "The Living Room" at Villa Stuck,  Munich

with an extensive collection of my findings

In July 2021 a one hour long radio-interview with me

about my neo-archeological savings was broadcasted

In July 2021 the poster for my exhibition in the "Gallery at Hara", Skala Eresou/Greece 

featured two of my steles that I have arranged in 2020

In January 2021 the art-hotel "Casa Luna", Tulsayab/Mexico

acquired my stele "Wires" for its sculpture park

For this exhibition I was invited to show three of my savings (left, on yellow background)