Recently I participated with my artwork at the following events

 Im February and March 2022 I was invited as the first Artist in Residence

at the Creative-Community The ZEN House in Tulum, Mexiko .

 In January  2022 I had my first image- and information-folder printed:

An important statement as well as an important  tool,

for further professionalizing my work.

 In September 2021 I applied for the Luxembourg Art Prize 2021.

I did not win one of the three highly endowed main prizes,

but received this certificate of appreciation ...

.... whatever it may be good for.

In August 2021 I was invited to furnish Lee Mingwei's project "The Living Room" at Villa Stuck,  Munich

with an extensive collection of my findings

In July 2021 a one hour long radio-interview with me

about my neo-archeological savings was broadcasted

In July 2021 the poster for my exhibition in the "Gallery at Hara", Skala Eresou/Greece 

featured two of my steles that I have arranged in 2020

In January 2021 the art-hotel "Casa Luna", Tulsayab/Mexico

acquired my stele "Wires" for its sculpture park

For this exhibition I was invited to show three of my savings (left, on yellow background)